11 More Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Last week, we gave you 11 tips that could help your home sell faster, and this week we continue with 12 more. Most of these tips are great even if you are not selling your house, but just want to spruce it up for spring.

1. Create the feeling of spaciousness by removing unnecessary furniture. Your entryway is a good place to start. Clutter just seems to collect around doors, so take a few minutes to declutter. Remember that the entryway is the first part of the inside of your home prospective buyers will see!

2. Improve the traffic flow. Sometimes having an end table to set your drink on is more important than having an unimpeded walk through the living room, but while your home carpet roll in empty roomis on the market you want visitors to be able to move easily through the house. Try walking from room to room, and if you notice yourself having to step around furniture, move it.

3. Put family photos in storage. Removing personal photos and other objects turns your house into a blank canvas, so that prospective buyers can more easily imagine their own mementos hanging on the walls.

4. Lightly spray air freshener well before the house is shown, so that it has a chance to diffuse. Remember that many people are sensitive to sprays and other forms of perfumes, so while you want the home to smell nice, you do not want an overwhelming scent.

5. Open the windows and doors and let some fresh air flow through for a little while each day. Clearly, if it is very cold outside, you don’t want to go overboard, but a  little fresh air does wonders. If you are showing your home, try to air it out about a half hour before prospects arrive.

6. Have a plan to get the house in order in 10-15 minutes. Give each person in the family an assignment, and you’ll be amazed how quickly your house can be straightened up. Even if you are not selling your home, this is a quick way to keep things neat during busy weeks.

7. If you have carpet, consider having it professionally cleaned, or even replacing it. Wear and tear on carpet can make an otherwise lovely room seem shabby.

8. Dust and vacuum everyday. It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of day to day living and let the dusting go, but when you are selling your house, keeping things dusted and shiny makes it more appealing to prospective buyers.

9. If you have a fireplace, call attention to it in your decor. Keep it spotlessly clean, and spotlight it with furniture arrangement and wall hangings.

10. Remove clutter. If it seems as if this tip is coming up again and again, that is because it is important. The stack of mail on your counter detracts from your beautiful backsplash. The random items on your coffee table gets more attention than your lovely fixtures. Removing clutter also makes your rooms seem larger, so there are several reasons to get it out of sight.

11. Turn on lights and lamps, and use higher wattage bulbs. Open your drapes, and let the sunlight in. You want your home to be bright and cheery, day or night, when someone is viewing it.