11 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

Spring is upon us, and whether you are doing some spring cleaning, preparing to put your house on the market, or looking for ways to sell your home faster, we have plenty of tips for you. This month, we are presenting a series of posts on how to get your home in tip-top shape for showing it to potential buyers. Most of them are great even if you just want to clean up and aren’t planning to sell.

This week, we’ll look at 11 tips for the whole house:

1. Repair or replace banisters and hand-rails. If you have stairs, either on the interior or exterior of your home, you probably have banisters and hand-rails, and they probably see a lot of use. Day-to-day wear and tear can cause them to become loose, and they are often dirty simply from normal use. Tighten, replace, repair, and paint!

2. Remove all smoke and pet odors. If you live with animals, you may not notice their smell, but people coming to view your property will! The same is true for the odor of smoke. Take a little time to thoroughly clean and deodorize your entire house.

3. Open doors to areas you want potential buyers to see. This tip is just for folks who are selling. If you have a fabulous open doorpantry, leave the door open! The same is true for walk-in closets, or even the attic. You may not want your closet door open all of the time, but if it’s a feature that will appeal to a potential buyer, make sure they can see it.

4. Remove or hide all extension cords and exposed wires. Do you have a tangle of cords under your desk or under your TV? Take some time and straighten them out, then find some way to attractively conceal them. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

5. Make the most of your attic’s potential. Depending on your space, this might mean putting up some storage shelves, or painting the walls and adding a guest bed. Attics are extra space, and extra space that is being well-utilized adds to the appeal of any home.

6. Use plants in transitional areas of your house. For instance, a potted plant in a foyer or entryway is welcoming, and a plant on a stand can make the difference between drab hallway and interesting journey from area to area.

7. Wash all windows, inside and out. More light and more sparkle will make your home brighter. Bring the spring time cleaning suppliessunshine in!

8. Clean all light bulbs and light fixtures. It is unbelievable how much dust can do to dim your lighting. Along with clean windows, clean fixtures make an enormous difference.

9. Repair or replace loose or damaged wallpaper. If your kids used their crayons to color in part of the design on your dining room wallpaper, you might have decided to live with it until you have the time/energy/motivation to replace it. Now is the time! Whether you are straightening up for showings or just for yourself, little things like damaged wallpaper make a big difference.

10. Paint all interior walls. If you are selling your home, choose a neutral color. It will brighten your home, and help make the rooms appear larger. If you are just cleaning up for yourself, choose colors that help you feel relaxed and happy.

11. Fix holes and imperfections. While you are painting, it just makes sense to putty over holes or other scratches and dents in your walls. Much like cleaning the light fixtures, the difference is subtle but well worth the effort.

Check in again next week for more tips!