Excerpts of an article named “Home Sellers Need Inspections, Too” from The Wall Street Journal linking my comments

Below is an excerpt of my interview and comments given at a conference:

To save money, ask an experienced real-estate agent to give the house a good look-over instead, says Brandi Pearl Thompson, an agent in the Chattanooga, Tenn., area. Agents might not have the expertise of a home inspector, but often they’ve been through enough sale negotiations to spot common red flags.

Sellers should also inspect their home with a critical eye, Ms. Thompson says. Don’t stop at eye level; look at walls from floor to ceiling, under sinks, on the floor near the base of appliances — everywhere — to check for signs of water damage, for example. Also check faucets, door handles and other details of the home as you’re walking through it.

“Walk out of the house, turn around and walk in with fresh eyes,” she says.

Plus more of the comments from my speech:

You might also want to have the furnace and air-conditioning systems serviced by a professional to make sure they’re in good shape, Ms. Thompson says.

Plus more of the comments from my speech:

Some buyer requests will be reasonable; in other cases, especially when it’s cosmetic in nature, a seller would be justified in declining a request, Ms. Thompson says. But even when negotiations get tough, remember the buyer still wants to buy your home.

“Keep in mind they still kept your home in mind over the others,” Ms. Thompson says.

“And once someone falls in love, they do tend to overlook some of the little things.”

The original article can be found here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703796504576169171630179868.html

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