Council Fire subdivision homes for sale in Chattanooga, TN


Council Fire Subdivision is located in the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga. It is partially in Tennessee and Georgia and is surrounded by one of the best golf courses in the area.

The 480-acres bounded by Chickamauga Creek, placed nearly equally in Tennessee and Georgia, were at the center of Cherokee life from earliest times until the coming of the settlers around 1835. The surrounding area was ideal for the tribes of Cherokees, who depended upon the nearby creek for water for bathing, cooking and fishing, on the land for farming and on the woods and fields for hunting. Cherokees who lived in this area built houses from bark and skins, not the traditional teepees we expect. The great chief Sequoyah developed a written alphabet, and the Cherokees eventually published their own newspaper entitled The Phoenix. Inside each tribe, there existed a loose form of democracy, with each adult having an equal say in decisions of all sorts, including selection of the tribal chief. These meetings were usually held in the Council House around a central fire. Local legends tell that there still exists in the nearby woods a group of stones, carefully hewn and set in place that once encircled the Cherokee’s council fire. It is this legend that gave Council Fire its name.

The schools in this area include East Brainerd Elementary and East Hamiliton School.

The streets located in this subdivision include Iron Wood Trail, Yellow Hammer Rd, Night Hawk Rd, Raven Wolf Rd, Scrapeshin Trail, Council Fire Dr, Dancing Fern Trail, Rain Dance Cir, Firecreek Dr, White Eagle Trail, and Blackwell Farm Rd.