#RocktheJob with Julie Bestry

For people who spend their lives feeling like they have lost an important item, or that they are eternally late for meetings will appreciate today’s #RocktheJob profile. JulieOrganizingLowRes400wide Bestry is a professional organizer who helps people find their way to a neater, more efficient life. For those who aren’t quite ready to take the leap and allow another person to see the fullness of their disorganization, Julie has written a book: 57 Secrets for Organizing Your Small Business.

Julie says she enjoys her job because “creating order out of disorder makes my clients feel better, which makes ME feel better.” From those of us who are taking advantage of Julie’s knowledge through her book, or who have taken the clutter bull by the horns and hired her to help us get organized, thank you, Julie Bestry. You #RocktheJob! 

You can learn more about how Julie can help at her website, or by reading her highly entertaining blog, The Paper Doll.

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